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Atiku Breaks Silence On What ‘Money-Swallowing Snake’ Can Do To Nigeria If Not Killed

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An erstwhile Vice President of Nigeria, Atiku Abubakar, has disclosed that the “snake of corruption” swallowing money in government agencies and ministries will kill Nigeria if it is not killed.

The former VP made this known during his keynote speech delivered at the Silverbird Man Of The Year 2017, while receiving the award in Lagos, on Friday.

JAMB Suspends Worker Who Said Snake Swallowed N36Million In Its Markudi Office

Atiku further charged the federal government to embark on serious fight against corruption instead of engaging in media warfare or propaganda.

His statement read in part:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am honoured to be given this privilege to give the keynote speech at the Silverbird Man of the Year 2017 ceremony.”

“I know the organizers have collated the votes and this will lead to the emergence of the official Silverbird man of the year. However, my man of the year are also the gallant men and women of the Nigerian Armed Forces who paid the supreme price to protect us from terrorists and those who desire to divide us.”

He continued: “We must try to identify why, though we have been ostensibly fighting corruption for the past few years, Transparency International, the official global anti-corruption monitoring agency, has not increased our Corruption Perception Index rating,

“Not to belabor the point, but we have to kill the snake of corruption that swallows the commonwealth that should lift our people up from poverty. Whether that snake is in a JAMB office or any other government office, we must kill it or it will kill us

“This month of February 2018, according to the World Poverty Clock, Nigeria has just overtaken India as the world’s capital of extreme poverty. There are more extremely poor people in Nigeria than there are in India, a country that has six times Nigeria’s population.

“When people do not have jobs and the means to start a business are beyond their reach, they are incrementally much more likely to engage in criminal behaviors like terrorism, kidnapping, militancy and armed robbery”.


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